A Time of Decision

      Today’s post will be short but sweet. Some days I just sit and ponder on God’s goodness; I think about how faithful, merciful and kind He has been to me and my family. He has brought me further than I could have imagined at one time. When I began considering marital separation, it was not an easy process or situation to imagine. I sought counsel from my pastors at the time. I talked to my friends and even my children. But at some point along the way I accepted the truth that I was in a situation that simply was not healthy for me and my family. I needed to step away. At least for a season. For some time, I struggled, vacillating back and forth. It was only when I made a firm decision that peace began to flood my soul. And I can truly testify that God has never left me nor forsaken me. One of the most precious gifts I have received as a result of this journey is genuinely coming to understand the love God has for me. I have come to love Him in a way I never dreamed possible, and my love for Him continues to grow daily. My point is this: when I had to make a really tough decision, God was with me through it all even though it was scary. And the truth is, He will do the same for you, whatever your situation. God knows your situation; I do not. However, I do know one thing: whatever decision you may be wrestling over today,  your heavenly Father will be with you. He will lead you. He will guide you. He will provide for and protect you. And He will never leave you because He loves you.

May God richly bless you this week, and may His peace flood your soul. I pray He would give you the direction you seek, and the wisdom you need according to the unique circumstances of your situation.




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