A Taste of the Promise

This is an excerpt from my book, Treasures From the Battle, published in 2003. It is based on Deuteronomy 1:19-25.

In all of our lives there lies a “Promised Land”, a place of divine destination that flows with milk and honey or to put it another way, a place of supernatural abundance. When God brought His people out of Egypt, this is the location to which He was leading them. And even though the promised land was promised to them, they were going to have to battle the inhabitants to possess it.  Like the Israelite’s, we must also fight to obtain the promise: the fulfillment of God’s plan and purpose in our hearts and lives. Life is a journey of changing times and seasons. No matter where we find ourselves, there are times when God will allow us to experience a “taste of the promise”. These little happenings in our lives are necessary and inspiring because they compel us onward even in the face of tremendous adversity; they offer a foretaste of what is to come. For the Israelite’s, this meant not only spying out the land but bringing back some of the beautiful, abundant produce. According to the book of numbers, the fruit was so bountiful it took two men to carry a single cluster of grapes.

However, prior to the Israelite’s entry into the promised land, God gave them specific instructions to spy it out. In other words, He was giving them a sneak peak of sorts. As they spied out the land they became acutely aware of two things. They first became aware of what was laid up for them in that rich and plentiful land, but they also began to understand what it would take for them to fully possess it. While they loved what was in the land, they were not so thrilled about who was currently living there. After considering the number and size of their enemies, they decided it was not a price they were willing to pay.

Like the Israelites, God has placed dreams in your heart and mine. And in accordance with His perfect will, it is His plan to bring those dreams to fruition. Unfortunately, overcoming opposition is a part of the process. This nation realized that to possess the land of promise they would have to face the giants who lived there. Likewise, there are times in our lives where we may need to confront certain obstacles. Some examples might be  fear, depression anxiety or unforgiveness. And, as is often the case, our obstacles can seem far too big for our ability to overcome them. In our own strength we are no match. We can feel like the children of Israel did when they  cried, “We are indeed grasshoppers in comparison.”But herein lies our hope: In our hearts, we hold the promises of God.

Let us not be like the children of Israel who never came into all God had for them because of fear, doubt and unbelief. My prayer today, is that each of us  would come  to realize wholly, the plan that God has for our lives; that we would posses a spirit like Caleb and Joshua, two of those who spied out the land. They had a different spirit than the rest of Israel. The Bible says their hearts were fully committed to the Lord. My God Grant  you and me the courage to face and overcome every obstacle in our lives. May we never be satisfied to live and die in the desert, only having had a taste of the promise.

Be blessed.

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