God Still Has a Plan

Part of my job as Teacher at a Christian middle/high school is to lead a weekly devotional with a small group of students. Last week’s devotional was entitled, What Does it Mean to Have Faith?  To teach the principle of what it means to have faith, we were given an example of completing a dot to dot puzzle. If you have completed a dot to dot puzzle, you are aware that a picture is present even though you cannot see it. One might be argue, “By faith you begin connecting the dots with lines until the picture begins to take shape.”

In the same way, God has a predetermined plan for each of our lives. There is a picture present even when we cannot readily see it. In addition, life has  a way of presenting us with situations and circumstances we may have never considered.

When I was married twenty- four years ago, I never dreamed I would be facing a divorce twenty-four years later. No one could have ever convinced me that marital separation or divorce would or could occur in my life. But it did. And it has. Yet it is the power of faith that gives me hope.  While this may not be a situation I fully understand, I know that God has a predetermined outcome for my life. Like completing a dot to dot puzzle, faith is believing a predetermined picture is present even when we are still tracing the lines or when the picture we trust will be revealed is still taking shape.

Life may be very difficult right now but take this week to remember, that your life and mine are still taking shape.  Nothing has happened about which God has not been wholly aware. If God did not have a plan we would not be here. If you are still breathing, it is because God still has a plan.

Some suggested readings:

  • Romans 4:17-19
  • Hebrews chapter 11
  • Ephesians 3:20


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