You are Okay

     It is a beautiful winter morning here in West Michigan. I peered out the window to take yet another look at the beautiful ivory snow that now blankets the ground. This morning, I woke up thinking about how many years of my life have been spent wherein the first moments of my day were consumed with thoughts about the things I can do better, what I should be doing, or how far along I should be in a particular aspect of life. And I must admit, they are far too many to count. That contemplation however, lasted only for a moment when all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed with a sense of ‘okay-ness’. Now for you Language Arts and English scholars, I do understand that this is not technically a word, but if you would allow me to, I would like to use it only this once. I am emphasizing point. Anyway, it was as though I could hear the Holy Spirit saying,”It’s okay. You are okay. And I want you to be okay with simply being you. You may not be all you want to be. You may not have grown to the degree you would like. But I want you to be okay with your present because I am in control of your process and outcome. You will get there by my power not in your own strength.”

     Zephaniah 3:17 declares, “For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty Savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm your fears. He will rejoice over you with songs.”

      God does not spend his time focusing on countless details because he knows the big picture, and according to his grace, he will bring all things to the fullness of their manifestation in his time. God rejoices over you with singing. He rejoices over me with singing. He is okay with who we are, and in many cases where we are because he knows he has the power to get us where he ultimately wants us to be.

     Life is a process. Learning is a process. Development is a process. My exhortation this week: Commit to a focus that centers on where you are, what you have accomplished, how far you a have come, and the anticipation of where you are headed. Don’t miss experiencing the miracle of who you are because of wallowing in the mediocrity of who you should be. Far too often, these are  expectations we place on ourselves. They are not God’s expectations of us.

    You are okay. And God wants you to be okay with being okay.  There is not one place along the journey of our lives with which God is not fully acquainted or aware. In other words, he knows exactly where we are, he knows where we are going, and he knows what it will take to get us where he, not we, has destined us to be.

     If you are that individual who spends a lot of time focusing on yourself in certain areas of your life, try taking a break this week. Take a bubble bath,  a walk along a beautiful path, have an ice cream cone, watch your favorite movie, and know for certain that you have a heavenly Father who is pleased with you, who loves you, who knows where you are, and is completely capable of getting you where he wants you to be. There is no pressure in this. In the words of Joyce Meyer, “You are okay and you are on your way.”

Have a beautiful day and a blessed week,


One thought on “You are Okay

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    As we enter the second week of the new year, take time to remember life is a process. Whether we choose succeed or fail this year will happen not in a moment but one day at a time. This year I have decided not to set a new year’s resolution per se. Instead my focus this year is on allowing God to change my heart, my mind and my attitude. A changed individual is the product of a new heart not a new year. I want to encourage you to take it slow. This year will pass one day at a time, and true success can only come by this route. Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Where God is our focus, change and success are inevitable.


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